Jarrett Lee Lane, 22, was the pride of not just his family, but of the whole town of Narrows, VA. Raised by his mom Tracey, his grandmother Nancy and two older sisters with the help of numerous other people in this small town about half an hour’s drive past Blacksburg.

Jarrett was a one-of-a-kind person. How anyone had the time to do all the things Jarrett did is unbelievable. Studying Engineering, coaching high school sports, playing intramural sports, keeping an active social life with people both from Tech and Narrows, being active in Cru, working for parking services, doing an internship with facilities at Tech, helping his sister Fawn and her husband Roger raise their 3 young children, visiting his sister Alicia and her husband Daniel in Baltimore and Richmond. You would think that at least one of those areas would suffer, but it never did. He had an amazing ability to not take himself too seriously, but always took life and friendships seriously. He always took the time to talk to people and care for them.