Memorial Fund

The Jarrett Lee Lane Memorial Fund has been established to carry on Jarrett's legacy and encourage deserving youth in Giles County. From a young age Jarrett realized that he was not going to be handed the life he dreamed of, and would have to work hard to create his own success. To him, the world was full of opportunities if he equipped himself with a good, well-rounded education. He took advantage of every chance for learning more about life, relationships and himself by excelling in school, playing various sports, attending church, developing friendships with people of all ages and background, and by believing in himself.

Please send contributions to:

Jarrett Lee Lane Memorial Fund
c/o Celco Federal Credit Union
P.O. Box 361
Narrows, Virginia 24124

Contacting the Family

It is the desire of Jarrett's family and friends that this Memorial Fund will support the dreams of youth in and around Giles County through the gifting of scholarships. To learn more about how the Memorial Fund is assisting youth, please contact Alicia Lane-Farrell